John Michael “Moto” Ashmore (They/them preferred - but “he/his” or “she/her” are also perfectly acceptable) is the person who's decided to take this thing from the world of fiction and bring it into our lives as unharmed as possible.

About the self-assigned rank:

I served in the United States Air Force from 1995-1999, and I recognize the value of the military chain of command. From what I have inferred about Starfleet (the fictional organization), I believe that my current mission is comparable in sophistication to that which would be undertaken by a person with a rank between "Lieutenant Commander" and "Captain." Since I'm the only person here right now, I guess that makes me Commander.

Moto is prepared to sign a five-year contract to work on this Starfleet idea, in exchange for a home and headquarters. You're seeing what they've done in less than a week and if you want to see more, they're going to need a place to stay.

If you would like to reach Moto, their mobile is 541-390-0356 and their current email address is none of Starfleet's business. Once we have the mail servers online, we'll fix that.

No, Moto is not a member of the official Star Trek Fan Club, so if there are fandom rules that they have crossed, it's on you to tell them.