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 {{section>​starfleet:​disclaimer}} {{section>​starfleet:​disclaimer}}
- +====== ​How do I get involved====== 
-//... the remainder of this page needs to be snipped and turned into its own wiki hierarchy//​ +[[https://discord.gg/​XnSDpp2mwg|Come join us on our Discord!]]
- +
----- +
- +
-==== Philosophy ​==== +
-We are committed to a collection of progressive values that we believe promote the wellness of our community. In popular culture, we have found that the Star Trek™ franchise, and particularly the (fictional) entity called Starfleet, expresses those values in a concise and accessible way. +
- +
- == Basic Human Rights and Simple Human Dignity == +
-There'​s enough production on our planet to ensure nobody ever goes hungry. No person should ever want for shelter or clean water or medical treatment, either, no matter who they are. If a person lacks any of these necessities,​ then social ills are sure to follow: crime, addiction, violence.  +
- +
-Capitalism has gotten us to this astonishingly productive phase of human evolution; we just believe that now it's time we moved on. We aim to redistribute wealth peacefully, in cooperation with the capitalist markets. +
- +
- == Build an economy, Build a Nation == +
-By establishing a secondary trust network, Starfleet adds value to the crypto economy.  +
-  * Starfleet-affiliated manufacturers will be recognized for their commitment to workers rights and quality output, and their output valued accordingly.  +
-  * Every entity that's a member of Starfleet commits to uphold a certain set of values, and ongoing deviation from those values may result in their expulsion from the nation. +
-  * Any number of members within Starfleet may naturally convey trust-based benefits when conducting business, knowing that, in the event of a dispute, every involved ​member'​s good standing in Starfleet is potentially on the line. +
-    * For instance, a Starfleet-associated retailer might offer a discount to customers who are also Starfleet members in good standing (the likelihood of them initiating a chargeback for a purchase they received is virtually nil, compared to another customer who wasn't in Starfleet) +
-==== Mission ​==== +
-=== Our Vision === +
-{{page>​mission:​vision}} +
- +
- +
-==== Phased Development ==== +
-Phase one is focused on securing facilities for our [[headquarters|headquarters]],​ which in the short term will also serve as a live work home for queer entrepreneurs. +
- +
-Once we have established a base of operations, we will invest in and incubate LGBTQIA+ companies that we believe will support ​our ongoing mission. +
- +
-What could we do with a space full of trans activists? Here are some ideas that we're considering at this stage in our growth. +
-  * [[tech|Technology Incubator]] +
-  * [[farm|Agricultural Incubator]] +
-  * [[shelter|Shelter for All]] +
-  * [[medical|Medical Resources]] +
-  * [[starfleet:​academy|Social Education and Empathy Skills Training]] +