What Is Starfleet?

Starfleet (BC) was founded on the twenty-first day of the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century, and conceived as a decoupling layer between terminal-phase capitalism and progressive social experimentation.

Starfleet is about creating a new group of people, a new identity, not tied to geographic location but to a shared set of values and mechanisms for putting those values into practice. Philosophically, we're pretty utilitarian. Our motto: Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism.

In short, we're building a new Digital Nation.

What's in it for our citizens? Hopefully, we'll be able to provide a safe haven from the ongoing information wars. Humans are facing an unprecedented volume of information, evolutionarily speaking. Perhaps inevitably, we developed tools for acquiring and distributing information far faster than we've (as a species) developed tools for making sense of the consequent flood of information.

Bots and trolls have already deluded millions into joining literal death cults. Reddit won't stem the tide of disinformation. So. Let's figure out our own way to stop the bullshit.

How? Starfleet will provide a mechanism for publishing information, and to ensure the legitimacy of that information, we will only publish information which is digitally signed by Starfleet Citizens.


  • here's where I have to be less hand-wavey about how things are upvoted / downvoted, and how that affects the publisher's karma, but generally, yeah. Karma.
  • Citizens will be able to send “legitimacy token” to a piece of information, thereby contributing legitimacy to the citizen who published it. The blockchain will of course keep a public record of who's upvoted what, and “how hard.”
  • Downvotes will cost “bullshit token”, ditto on the permanent record thing
  • A citizen's private key will act as their digital identity. One person, at least one key. Organizations will also be able to receive Starfleet identities, provided they also agree to adhere to our Terms and Conditions.
    • Chia Networks has provided an excellent mechanism (in the form of their reference NFT) for the creation of individual identities. A Starfleet-issued NFT will take some effort to obtain: until we've formalized our methodology, Starfleet Citizen NFTs will be issued only by personal invitation.
    • We'll need to make a centralized website for starters, a refuge for r/vaxxHappened et al - but our ideal implementation would be as fully peer-to-peer as Chia's validator network.

We'll organize around revolutionary technologies like:

    • Discord is one popular service which offers this functionality; Keybase is another; [matrix] yet a third. [matrix] seems closest aligned with Starfleet values, but for now we're mostly on Discord.
    • For the more general publish / subscribe model, Secure Scuttlebutt Protocol seems well-thought-out.
      • CmdrMoto is not super impressed with the current state of the software offerings, nor by the present adoption rate. But it *could* be a market looking for the right “killer content” …

Furthermore, through Starfleet Academy we hope to serve as an educational resource to the community - providing a space and supportive resources for people who have something to teach, with priority access given to classes which best embody the values that Starfleet represents.

Ultimately, Starfleet's ambition is to become a quasi-governmental entity, complete with passports, treaties, and eventually to achieve recognition and full participation in the United Nations.

Why Starfleet?

Progressive action is a wonderful thing. Each little thing individuals do to make a difference in their community, it matters.

Coordinated action is the most powerful thing we humans have discovered. It's the resonance that Nikolas Tesla harnessed to such impressive effect in his coils; it's the difference between the light of a campfire compared against the coherent light emitted by a laser.

I'd like to apologize in advance to Robin Sloan for my mangling of the analogy, but the basic idea got seared into my brain by this particular missive he wrote.

See, a campfire keeps you warm and illuminates the immediate area. Campfires are great, we all love campfires. A campfire emits thousands of watts of energy, tens of thousands even - but that energy is only helpful if you're close enough to catch some of it, as it scurries away in every direction.

A laser beam is a just bunch of photons which are all going in the same direction, in lockstep with one another, and we've seen how just a few watts of energy can form a beam that endures all the way to the moon and back.

Starfleet is the resonant chamber, the laser cavity, which will help align all our individual progressive actions into a Force to be Reckoned With.

We are not presently associated in any way with the Roddenberry estate, nor with NBC or CBS or Paramount or any other entertainment company. We presently have nothing to do with the United States Space Force, nor with any other entity that may include the words “star” and “fleet” in its name.

Yes, we've noticed the similarities between this organization and other organizations that have been called “cults.” To that, we can only offer this: Moto would make a lousy cult leader. It's just not in their introverted, awkward nature - plus, they made sure that the organization would have the ability to eject them should such need arise.

How do I get involved?